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The IWK Book System

 The marketplace is full of misinformation, and it’s our goal to create a series of short books with current and accurate information to share with our clients and yours.

The Co-Author Book System allows you to work with your biggest competitors by requesting that they do an interview with you to be included in your new book.

You conduct the interview, and we do the rest.

The benefits to you:

• Multiple books listed on Amazon (3rd largest search engine in the world)

• You will become the most published author in your niche.

• 750 + new links from 3 press releases ($1,500 value)

• Your initial investment is only $2,000 (regular book creation is $20,000) $18,000 savings!

• The niche stays exclusive to you if you do  a minimum of 1 interview per month

• You may cancel at anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Your competitor does the interview, furnishes their BIO, and at launch they agree to send out three pre-formatted emails with a link to the book funnel landing page, where their people can download the book for free.

The benefit to your competitor:

• They will become a bestselling author of two books

• Two separate listings on Amazon

• 100 to 400 new links for each press release.

• All with almost no effort and or Cost to them.

Branded Experts takes the recording of the interview and transcribes, edits, formats, creates a cover, and publishes the book in digital, print and audio, then makes the book a Bestseller. 

Bonus: When we have sufficient interviews, Branded Experts will also combine them into a larger anthology book to relaunch as another best seller.

 We understand that you are busy, so we created a strategic plan to minimize the time required by you and your co-author. While insuring that the project has both the quailty and proper execution to get your desired end result. 

Niches We Work With

Financial Planning



Real Estate

Family Office Groups

Coaches & Consultants

Our 3 Step Process


The marketplace is full of misinformation, and it’s our goal to create a series of short books with current and accurate information to share with our clients and yours..

Create and Publish

Step by step execution of the strategic plan by our experts who are knowledgable and are experienced.

Launch and Bestseller

Analyzing the output of each step and tracking the results to ensure that we are going in the right direction, reaching as many readers as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

"Brand elevated!"

I have used Branded Experts Publishing in the past. They have been so easy to work with. I’m a published author with them and I just really have to stress that it’s so important if you want to increase your visibility and your authority level you need to be a published author. With Branded Experts Publishing, with Carolyn and Mike, I have had the best experience. It’s been so easy. I really didn’t have to do anything, and you know, we’re running businesses. So, if you’re not published yet, now’s your time to work with Branded Expert

Pam Ivey

"Awesome team!"

I’ve done eight books with Mike and Carolyn and they just absolutely rock and crush it and take care of me as an author. One of the most valuable things I have is time. I don’t have enough time, and they make it as easy as possible for me to become a published branded expert and get out there with my message to the world.

Jason Myers

"Just what I needed"

I am really delighted to share with you what an amazing experience I had working with Branded Expert Publishing. They made it super easy, and just spoke in English as opposed to jargon. Only a real publishing expert can do this. Made it effortless easy, collaborative, fun … yeah it can be fun to put a book together. And before I knew it, it was all done. I just can’t recommend them highly enough. Run, don’t walk! Work with Branded Expert Publishing.

Andrea Wolf

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